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Nominations Q&A

Updated: Jul 10

Q: What is the Charity Hall of Fame?

A: Charity Hall of Fame honours the most impactful community changemakers in the UK. Inspired by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, it celebrates and preserves the stories of the individuals that have made significant positive changes in society.

Q: How do you define community changemakers?

A: We define community changemakers as humanitarians who have helped others in need without expecting anything in return, beyond wanting to see positive social change. This does not necessarily mean working in or setting up a charity or other non profit organisation. 

Q: What does being Inducted into the Hall of Fame mean for nominees?

A: The Charity Hall of Fame aims to preserve the history of charity and civil society by collecting and sharing the stories of the individuals - past and present - who changed our communities for the better. As well as celebrating those individuals, it aims to provide inspiration for future generations to continue to strive to make our world a better place for everyone. 

Induction into the Hall of Fame means being formally recognised for outstanding achievement in the community. This ensures lasting recognition of the Inductee's significant contribution and enduring impact, celebrating and preserving their legacy for future generations. 

Q: How many people will be inducted into the Hall of Fame each year?

A: There is no minimum or maximum annual number of Inductees. However Charity Hall will seek to induct only those exceptional people that have had a significant impact so we will focus on quality vs quantity. 

This may mean that some years we induct fewer people than others, and we may change our criteria from year to year which may impact on the numbers we induct.

Q: Who can I nominate?

A: You can nominate anyone based in the UK who has made a big positive impact in one of our categories. By big we mean significant or outstanding, people who have gone above and beyond, but not necessarily big in scale - we know that big change can happen in small packages. 

Q: Can I nominate organisations as well as individuals? 

A: Currently we are inviting nominations for individuals only. We will open the Hall to a small number of select organisations in future years.

Q: What are the categories for nominations?

  • Community Impact: For those who've made a big difference in their field, especially in service settings, whether by helping people directly, bringing communities together, or driving significant community change.

  • Social Pioneers: For those who were the first to tackle an issue or bring about change in their field or community, such as social leaders or founders.

  • Justice & Equality: For campaigners or policymakers who have worked hard to fight inequality or injustice, leading to changes in laws, policies, or to raising awareness.

  • Philanthropy: For outstanding funders and donors who have made significant changes through their donations or funding, supporting causes in innovative or collaborative ways. We’re including donors of time, skills and resources in this category too.

In each category we will also be looking for:

  • Young Changemakers: For inspiring individuals aged 11-25 (up to 30 considered).

Q: Are you only looking for local impact?

A: Each category will accept nominations for Local, Regional, or National (England/Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland or UK wide) impact. 

We will also consider nominations that have had an impact beyond the UK provided they have a base in the UK.

Q: What criteria should the nominees meet?

A: Charity Hall will consider the following criteria when assessing nominations:

  • Mission Match: Nominees’ work should align with the mission of Charity Hall - i.e. having a significant positive impact on society or to help others in need without expecting anything in return.  

  • Real Results: Provide evidence of their impact.

  • Innovation: Show new ways they’ve solved social needs.

  • Staying Power: Their work should ideally have lasted a while, but there’s no minimum time requirement.

  • Teamwork: Demonstrate collaboration with others.

  • Openness: Transparency in their work and results.

  • Resilience: Overcame challenges and adapted.

  • Leadership: Inspire others and lead by example.

  • Backing Up: Support from others who’ve seen their impact.

Please refer to our full Nomination’s Criteria for more information. We don’t expect all nominees to meet every single one  - ultimately it’s all about the impact they’ve had!  

Q: Are there any exclusions?

A: Yes, we won’t accept nominations for:

  • Political groups or current serving politicians.

  • Religious groups promoting their beliefs.

  • Individuals with some serious criminal convictions

  • Those linked to harmful industries or who profited from the slave trade.

Please refer to our full Nominations Criteria before submitting your nomination.

Q: Can I nominate someone posthumously?

A: Yes, historical and posthumous nominations are welcome in each category.

Q: How long does someone need to have been making an impact for? Is there a minimum time requirement?

A: Whilst there is no minimum time requirement, we would normally expect nominees to have had a sustained impact over a number of years. However we do recognise that some nominees will have had a significant impact over a shorter period of time, especially in the case of young changemakers, which deserves the lasting recognition that results from being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Q: How long do Inductees stay in the Charity Hall of Fame?

A: Once accepted into the Hall of Fame, Inductees are there forever! The only exception would be if new information becomes available after induction which,  had it been known about beforehand, would have prevented the individual from being inducted. 

Q: What makes a good nomination?

A: Tell us as much as you can in the nomination form, paying particular attention to the impact and difference your nominee has made.

We are looking for outstanding changemakers who have had a significant impact on society evidenced through the lives and/or communities they have changed for the better. We are looking for people that really stand out, that have gone the extra mile, that may have experienced personal adversity or had to fight against the status quo to make their change happen. Essentially people that need to be honoured and remembered for the impact they made and who can serve as an inspiration for others. 

Essentially it’s all about their impact - the more you can demonstrate this the better!

Q: How will I know if my nomination is successful?

A: We will contact you if your nomination is accepted. Please keep your nomination confidential to avoid disappointment.

Q: Can I submit more than one nomination?

A: Yes you can, provided they all meet the Charity Hall criteria for nominations.

Q: What if my nominee isn’t selected for Induction this year?

A: If your nominee isn’t selected this year, we may consider them for future years and we will inform you if we intend to retain their details for this purpose. 

Q: Who decides who is inducted into the Hall of Fame?

A: Charity Hall’s Inductions Panel will decide who is inducted into the Hall of Fame each year.  This highly skilled Panel is made up of volunteers drawn from across the UK with experience and knowledge of charities and civil society organisations. The Panel will assess the nominees and decide collectively who is to be inducted. Panel Members serve a term of three years with option for renewal for a further term.

Q: Who is behind the Charity Hall of Fame?

A: Charity Hall is a brand new initiative and is being kindly hosted by the Do IT Foundation, a registered charity.

Q: How do I submit a nomination?

A: Please ensure you have read our full Nominatons Criteria first. Once you are ready head to Nominate on the Charity Hall website menu and click on Submit Nomination to launch the nominations form.

If you want to go direct to a nominations form that you have already started then simply click on the Nominations Page. Please note provided you use the same device (laptop/pc/tablet/phone) and the same web browser (but not in private mode) the details you enter into the form should be saved and be available to edit until you are ready to submit it. Once submitted you cannot edit your nomination.

Q: When is the closing date for nominations?

A: The closing date for nominations is midnight on Friday 20th September 2024.


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