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Nominations Criteria & General Information

Updated: Jul 10

Charity Hall of Fame’s Class of 2025 is now open for nominations!

Our aim is to gather together the incredible stories of the amazing people that have changed our society for the better, so that we can create a living archive that serves to educate and inspire others about the impact of charity and civil society on communities throughout our nation. 

Before you nominate, please read these Criteria and its accompanying Q&A. The closing date for nominations is midnight on Friday 20th September 2024 - we look forward to hearing from you!


Charity Hall will Induct people under the following categories. You may nominate someone for one category only.

Community Impact: For those who've made a big difference in their field, especially in service settings, whether by helping people directly, bringing communities together, or driving significant community change.

Social Pioneers: For those - such as social leaders or founders - who were the first to tackle an issue or bring about change in their field or community.

Justice & Equality: For campaigners or policymakers who have worked hard to fight inequality or injustice, leading to changes in laws, policies, or to raising awareness.

Philanthropy: For outstanding funders and donors who have made significant changes through their donations or funding, supporting causes in innovative or collaborative ways. We’re including donors of time, skills and resources in this category too.

Charity Hall wants to inspire the next generation of community changemakers, so each category will also recognise:

Young Changemakers: ideally aged 11-25, but up to 30 years old considered.


Nominees must be based in the UK. We also look at whether their impact is:

  • Local - Focused on a specific community or area.

  • Regional - Impacting more than one area, but not national.

  • National - Aiming for or having a national impact (across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, or UK-wide).

  • International - Impacting beyond the UK but must be based in the UK and ideally (but not essentially) have originated in the UK.

Historical/Posthumous nominations are welcome in each category.


What We Look For in Nominations: 

  • Mission Match: Tell us how your nominee has made an exceptional and outstanding positive change in the community. By exceptional we don't necessarily mean scale - big impact can come in small local packages!

  • Real Results: We need evidence of the good work done, e.g. how many people benefited; how they benefited, what was the lasting change made? Any evidence, such as awards or accolades, will be welcome too!

  • New or innovative Ideas: If they came up with new ways to solve a social need, we want to hear about it. This can include new or different ways of doing things or setting up a new project or organisation.

  • Staying Power: Ideally their work should have been around for a while but we don’t require a minimum time period as we get that significant impact can be achieved over a shorter period of time. 

  • Teamwork: We love to see people working together with others, be it with other voluntary groups, the government, or businesses so do tell us about any partnerships or examples of cooperation with others. We also love to see meaningful engagement with beneficiaries through public participation and/or volunteering.

  • Openness: Everything should be out in the open, including how funds are spent (if applicable) and the work’s results, so feel free to share any links to data/insights that you consider relevant.

  • Bouncing Back: We admire those who keep going and adapt, especially when things get tough. Feel free to tell us about any challenges that were overcome.

  • Leading by Example: Nominees that make it into the Hall of Fame should inspire others to follow in their footsteps - this could be about leadership, going the extra mile, overcoming personal adversity, anything that can serve to provide a positive example to future changemakers.

  • Backing Up: Nominations should ideally come with support from others who’ve seen the good work being done - this could be the people helped, or collaborators, or funders - basically anyone that can show how it happened.

There are a few exclusions to consider before you nominate someone.

  • Exclusions: We won't consider nominations for political groups or current serving politicians, and religious groups are okay as long as the focus isn't on promoting religious views. Having a past with criminal convictions doesn't disqualify someone, especially if they're related to their social impact or a former life they have left behind. But, serious crimes like murder, rape, child abuse, domestic violence or abuse, or hate crimes are generally a no-go, but each case will be assessed individually. We also steer clear of nominations for individuals linked to harmful industries or those who gained from the slave trade.

Keep it simple, straightforward, and show us the impact!

Ready to nominate? 

Before you do please check out our Q&A for further information on how to nominate and what we are looking for.

Once you are ready head to Nominate on the Charity Hall website menu then click on Submit Nomination to launch the nominations form. Please note provided you use the same device (laptop/pc/tablet/phone) and the same web browser (but not in private mode) the details you enter into the nominations form should be saved. If you want to go direct to a form that you have already started then click on the Nominations Page.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


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