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  • Jamie Ward-Smith

Welcome to the Charity Hall of Fame!

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Last year, when Kate Bush was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Fame, like many of her fans I thought 'about time'. For such an iconic artist that has had a major influence on so many others, her induction was long overdue.

Shortly afterwards I got to thinking 'wouldn't it be great if there was a Hall of Fame for civil society?' I then assumed there must be one already but after some digging around it became clear there wasn't. And so the idea for Charity Hall was born.

Fast forward a few months and here we are, almost ready to open our doors for the first set of nominations.

Our aim is to celebrate and preserve the legacies of our leading community changemakers, to share their incredible stories and to inspire the social pioneers of the future. As well as inducting some of the incredible changemakers of today, we'll also be diving deep into civil society's rich history, inducting the pioneers that came before who had the most significant impact on the society that we all live in today.

Societal change comes in all shapes and sizes. We'll be inducting some of the best known - and lesser known too - changemakers that have had a national or global impact, but we'll also be seeking to induct those that have done something incredible in their local communities. Big change isn't always about big scale.

Ultimately Charity Hall of Fame will create an archive of the people and organisations that have had the most significant impact on our society - an online 'Museum of good' if you will. Charity Hall will seek to educate and inspire the general public about the vital and life changing impact that charities and community organisations have had, and continue to have, on the world we live in.

I'm hugely grateful to the amazing team at IMP for their very generous support (not to mention patience!) in developing our brand and website. And our wonderful advisors and founding Inductions Panel who are giving so much of their time. If you'd like to join our panel then please do get in touch.

Charity Hall is at the start of a journey, to build a living archive of the incredible people and organisations that have transformed our society for the better. I do hope you'll join us.

Jamie Ward-Smith, MBE


Charity Hall of Fame


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